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Monday, November 7, 2011

Buenos Dias hermano y hermanas! Hey family! i got the letter from dad! I'm glad you are all doing great and that through us you guys can open the conversation on the gospel, haha.  That is really cool!

well this week has been kinda hectic i got some of the stuff done i really needed to though. we have been teaching two investigators and they actually referred us to two more, so now we are teaching the 4 of them together and have them set for date for baptism on the 4th of December. hopefully all works out. we wanna make it more enjoyable for the younger of the 4 and make our lessons more meaningful for them. i think we will go to the temple visitor center with them. we just have to get rides figured out for them because they don't have cars, which is another problem we have run into here. there are a lot of unique situations like that that i didn't think i would run into.

well oh yeah, i got some things done i needed to too, i scheduled a dentist appointment to get my filling fixed because it cracked and is like really loose . :/ so at least I'm getting that taken care of. also i got myself a brand new, in the box, seagate 500 GB portable hard drive for a deal, only 35 bucks, a dang steal if you ask me. that is the beauty of this city. if you keep your eyes open you can come across some real treasures. so i backed up all my pictures, inspirational music, and documents like my baptism programs. :) that way if i accidentally throw away a memory card i wont loose my mind.

so for church yesterday we had fast and testimony and i managed to be the last one up there haha. i gave my testimony and it is amazing what just a simple testimony about the gospel can do. we had our investigators there and i think it made a big impact on them. :)

so the weather, dad just emailed me back and asked about the weather. down here we have gotten a little bit of rain and it comes in torrential downpours for like one day then there is no more for like up to a week. then it has also been getting a little cooler like 65 is the coldest during the days but nights have been getting kinda chilly like almost 50 some nights so still warm but we can feel the season changing finally.

well, we have been doing pretty well, just a little cough and cold combo that has been going around but with this many people it is inevitable.

i have been getting pretty good mail too! I can honestly say it makes my day like 1billion times better. :) thank you all who have been writing me and i love you all soo much. :)

well i hope all of you have a splendid week and don't be strangers!

les amo,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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