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Monday, November 14, 2011

okay, somewhat ignore the backwards-ness of this email, i do have some things i would like for Christmas. and if i don't type them i will probably forget cause it's almost 8 and i can never remember things. haha. i would really like any v-neck sweaters that i left at home because it gets chilly here and we can wear them under our suit coats. and also any vests. like regular or sweater vests because they are nice to wear under a suit. also, if you have the biking gloves i left there those would be nice too because it is cold at 6 in the morning when we jog. please send me my green Spanish notebook. i think i accidentally sent it home when i was leaving the mtc and i could definitely use it. also we moved into a new apartment and they have stationary bikes so if you can send my black and red jersey and i can wear it to work out in. all the rest get really really gross.... like think of dad in an RPM class at the gym... that's why i want it. cause it usually soaks through like 3 regular shirts. also, i am always accepting ties! even though here in the alley i can get any one i can imagine for about 3 bucks a piece. i still like the ones from home the best because they are just special... like sentimental. that's the word. :)

Which reminds me we moved apartments!! we moved over to this huge resort type complex with all these fancy wingdings that we will never use but also they have a gym which my comp (linebacker for the Utes) and i (scrawny kid from washington....) were super excited to find out about. right now he is trying to eat less and get cut and i am trying to eat more and bulk up while staying cut. it is an odd diet haha. it's kinda just like i will eat all i can and then still end up giving it to him and having him eat like half my plate plus his... :) 

anyways, that reminds me we are getting fed about once a night if we are not busy but we are never really hurting for food. i have a almost full pantry now we just had to get some different things and we are good.

we have a family in the ward who are my favorite, every Tuesday she feeds us whatever we can think of! and it always turns out perfect! i told her that i make good onion rings and she wants us to come over and help her make onion rings and burgers for the family! so i told her i needed to get the secret recipe from you mom and then i would see what i can do. ;)

this week has been really good. we went to the visitors center with our investigators, well two of them and the visit was really good. the Visitors Center is remodeled and it has a lot of the same cool stuff as the salt lake one just more condensed. we watched the families thing, it is the same as the one i watched in salt lake with grandma right before we went to the mtc. it was really good and our investigator was crying with joy. :) the vc is truly an amazing blessing. :)

I saw the pic of buster! it is sooo cool! i am going to send some pics too! and I am actually in them this time! ;) haha. i hope you like them. oh and also i sent Britton a letter for elder Holland and i hope it made it to him. well, i gotta send off these pictures too so i gotta go. i love all of you and thank you all for the letters and pictures!

love tons,
Elder Channing Winterrose

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