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Monday, October 31, 2011

ahh, well i think this week might have been a little better. just finally knowing what was going on with -- helped a lot because i could worry a little less after the initial shock. it sucked a lot. haha but i think it will all turn out alright in the end. im sure if i dive into the work headfirst it will keep the outside world and whatnot from discouraging me. so it has been better. i just try not to think to much about it. Also i know that God looks after his missionaries so i need not worry. i sent home some cool pictures this last week and i hope they make sense. i wish i could like tag them somehow so you could know what to look for in them.

we also had a cool sacrament on Sunday, it was the 5th Sunday soo I GAVE A TALK!!! it was on humility and i wrote it in about 10 minutes ( like 3 scriptures and points i wanted to include) and with the brief outline i spoke from the heart at the pulpit for about 8 minutes and it was remarkable. hahaha. i only messed up a few words but everyone said it was great. also we sang a musical number a Capella and it turned out pretty good. so, first talk in Spanish in the bag already haha. the funny thing was that Elder Filiaga gave his talk too and it was the first time for him too!

Crazy week haha. we got payed so it's nice to have some moola for food and whatnots. we had transfers this week too and our district got smaller and now it's just the four of us ( me, fili, orozco, and penrod) and three new elders, two greenies and their trainer. our zone got all moved around too it is crazy! our church building is out of our zone! but you gotta realize our area is like the equivalent of from like the Campbell;s to the mall. it is tiny! and our area is on the southern border of the zone.

we also found a bunch of new investigators in our area and that was cool. one is this kid who is into some really crazy stuff and we teach him and these other kids in the apartment complex who are all around the same age. i am pretty sure that at least one of them will get something out of it and all of them want to change. but we can only hope!

i also wrote and sent my letter to britton for elder holland and i hope it gets there in time. i put a pic in there too. I will send some cool pictures here too.

I went through hollywood blvd too and got some cool pictures when we went and dropped off some elders.

oh! i almost forgot!!! we got a shiny brand new car!!!! it's a 2011 mustang!

...okay, it's just a corolla.... but still!!! it only had like 8 miles on it when we first got it and it is still just a baby! we left all the stickers on it so it looks fresh like a baseball cap. haha. so that was pretty cool too.

there;s some pictures of us actually doing service at the ACS too that you might like.

well i love all of you so much and im glad to hear all the updates!

much love from sunny California!

Elder Winterrose

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