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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey family,

It has been a crazy week.  It has been hard but good at the same time. I have had a lot of trials and at times it feels like it will never end. I received some more letters finally, but all the mail is like 2 weeks late when I get it because they get mail Thursday and we don't open it till Monday, or like this week on Wednesday. I think all my mail is getting here on Friday cause it keeps missing the cut off. It is depressing at times getting no mail, especially when I have been mailing people every week. I didn't think it would be that bad but it really sucks not getting mail.

Anyways, so besides mail we got our car towed last week and I figured I might as well tell ya now rather than later that it was expensive. We lost track of time while tracting one night and came back and it was gone. We called the towing hotline and it was closed so we had to wait till the next day and it charges by the hour. I was super mad. We got there the next day and it was about $266 dollars for the towing. When we finally got it there was an $88 dollar parking ticket on it. Do the math, whatever that was I have to pay half of it. I have been super stressed about that and the fact that I have to come to you guys and ask for more money which I hate doing with every bone in my body. It has been a horrible week in the means of temporal things and on top of that I am still broke for going on 2 weeks cause I have no blue card to buy anything. It has been really crappy this week cause of all this. It makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on the work.

So this has been my week:
We did have some success this week though. We set 3 people for baptism on the 23rd and the 30th. I am excited for that and also we have a Latino Festival this Friday and we should get some new investigators from that if it all works out.  All I can do is try not to dwell on all the stuff that is discouraging to me and do the best with what I have.

Well that is about all the work here.  Sorry if the letter is a little short.  It is pretty much the same old stuff. I know the 5000 hr project thingy and I think i saw it in the MTC. It is one of my favorites on

Tell Daino Happy Birthday for me and that I love him.  Tell Mo that girls are poison and to stay away from them till after his mission haha. I hope you and Dad are doing great.  I love all of you and you too Britton, keep up the good work Bro. and send me some stinky fish man. It is all my comp ever asks for down here haha.

Love you mom, thank you for the great emails it is nice to have something I can rely on and I love all the funny stuff in them. I wish I could write more but I can never remember all the things that go on during the week.

Well, I love all of you back at home and I miss you.

Love your missionary,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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