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Monday, October 3, 2011

Okay, first things first, conference was soooooo long! I didn't realize it, but when you have to watch every session in conference, it is crazy long.
The fine Elders Filiaga and Winterrose

This has been a long week! I'm still getting things each day cause I keep realizing that we don't have something simple, like toilet paper, water bottles, (the water isn't very safe here) and bread, and have to run across the street to get it! We just got our allotment the other day though, so hopefully it won't feel like we are so stinking deprived anymore. I just gotta wait for my allotment card, cause it still hasn't gotten here.

I thought we would be fed more often, but most the times we don't have a dinner appointment until late, and sometimes we have none at all because of stake or general conference, or cause nobody can feed us. It has been a really expensive last 2 weeks. It has been frustrating some days when we have no dinner appt and we get home to an empty fridge. I'm trying to only eat at home because it is usually cheaper.

Right now we have finally got a teaching pool started with one progressing investigator and a few others that we can teach. Our progressing investigator is an elderly lady and she lives with another elderly sister from 6th ward. (We're in 3rd ward.  The wards in our building are 6th and 3rd, and both have two sets of missionaries.) But the thing is that they are in our area, so we can still teach them!

Anyways we saw these two ladies at a baptism for the 6th ward and they sat next to us. We got a referral at the baptism and decided to check it that night. We went there preparing to teach a new family or something, but the two of them answered the door! (At this point we thought they were both members.) So we thought they just wanted a little visit.  They talked our ears off for about 2 hours straight about their life's story. :)  Right before we left we asked if they had anybody we could teach and the one sister was like, "Yeah! you can teach me!" So then we figured it out! Now we have my first fresh investigator, just in the nick of time! We have a baptism date set for the 23rd so hopefully all works out.

Well besides that, it has been a crazy week. I came to the mission home today and Finally got my mail! I got some letters from people at the MTC and a few from elsewhere so that was really nice. It had been a long time since I got mail so it was refreshing.

We have been receiving a bunch of good referrals from the families around here and have had the opportunity to meet a bunch of cool families, give blessings, and lots of other cool stuff. I will have to take pictures of them with this next memory card and send a bunch of them home. I realized when I sent the last one home that it had been al long time, so I will do it more often.

Well, all is going pretty good in Los Angeles. We hiked up to the observatory today, so I got a bunch of new pictures waiting for you guys when you send that card back to me.

First door?

Hope all is going well back at home!

Gotta go work on some other things, so I will see all of you later!


Elder Winterrose

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