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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey! It's a much better week or at least since Wednesday. We didn't do a lot on Thursday, but Friday was busy, busy.

Friday we had a Fundamentals Training class from 9 to 3 and it wasn't actually too bad, haha. I was expecting it to be boring lecture for hours, but we were actually really involved. It was sweet. Then Friday night we had a Latino Festival at 7 p.m. Boy, do they know how to party! It was really cool, they had booths for all the different countries and lots and lots of food. :) They each did like a skit or something to represent their country. USA was the funniest. Haha, it was like set up really well but the food to represent it was ham 'n cheese sandwiches and that was just funny.

Anyways we stayed there till like 10 p.m. because there were so many people to meet. One of our part-member families was there and they brought their little boy a 2 year old. He is soo funny and I love him to death. He always wants to play with us when we're there and he is such a little monkey boy. :) He reminds me a lot of me when I was a kid.

Well besides that, the work is going good.  We are receiving a ton of referrals from our key member families who we are really close with, and we have 3 set for baptism. The other ones I don't think worked out, (the elderly lady moved and the other one isn't quite ready) but I am super excited for these 3 and we are working hard to keep them on track.

Well, it has been a short week because of the temple p-day on Wednesday, so not a lot going on.

Alrighty, you asked about my comp and our day to day stuff and whatnot, it is like this: My comp is doing pretty good, he might be getting a little trunky though, haha. But we bought a football and are playing catch to keep his mind off wanting to play already and that seems to help. He is like a teaching guru it is great that I get to have him as a comp. We wake up at 6:15 each day and go to the park and play catch for gym.  Then we come back, get ready, and do personal study at 8 for an hour.  Then we do comp study from 9 to 11, then we have lunch and then we do Spanish study from 12 to 1.  After that it's off to work with our appointments and a dinner, then we come back at about 9 and plan out our next day, then I journal and get ready for bed! :) Being busy is great cause it keeps my mind more focused on here and now, not on the other things that are going on.

Daino's birthday sounded super awesome! Man Hunts are always a fun activity, Haha. Mo, good luck with the job hunt, Bud. Britton, your letters always help me out, I'm glad to be tag-teaming this work with ya, finish strong! Mom, keep feeling good. Dad, I love what you did with the deck, great idea.  You guys should send me some pictures of that too.

Well I love all of you and wish you a good week!

Elder Winterrose jr.

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