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Monday, October 24, 2011

wow, what a crazy week it has been! so much has happened but i think it has made me reestablish why i am here and that i am dedicated to the work enough i can just get lost in it and not worry about anything else. I think i know what Britton meant that time he didn't really say much about his investigators. "because he didn't want to count his chickens before they hatched." i think this transfer we had catch and release licences or something, cause it was hard to get investigators and things always fell through. I think I'm going to put in the extra effort this transfer and get myself a big boy license so i can get in the water sooner.

we have been to a few baptisms but our investigators are slow and steady and we don't wanna pressure them anymore cause right now it seems to be working.

well, there isn't really that much new this week besides just the same old same old. i don't have my journal right now so i don't have any funny stories. sorry fam :/

oh, just remembered one! we parked before an appointment the other night and we saw a van with like a 9MM bullet hole in the back door of it! and today i saw a car with 12 ga shotgun spread on the back trunk and light! I tell ya it is getting realer and realer every day here haha. i sent a pic of the van back home on this sd card.

well, i loved the update from the home front! (mom, i totally know what you mean with the money thing. i think i have the same problem sometimes. i tend to justify it because it isn't an individual but i am getting better at it as my morals are improving.... and my spending habits..:)

I am glad you are doing something that is a little more recognized at your work dad, that sounds awesome. it is always good to be recognized for your potential and even just to make friends with the people you work under i.e. the bosses bosses boss haha. i did that at all my jobs and it helped me love my work just a little more.

daino!!! i saw the coolest thing at the alley the other day! luchador masks like off of nacho libre! I'll send you a pic of them some time they were sweet! there's one i think i might get that is blue and white. it's pretty sick.

Morgan! hey dude glad to hear your making it through school without a hitch! it still amazes me all the smart kid classes your in. your absolutely brilliant as they would say on harry potter.

well, i hope all of you have a swell day and i love all of you tons. and if you are reading this and have made it this far then send me a dang letter! and i will try my best to send one back fast! love ya!

Winterrose boy #2

PS if you could get some of the people in the ward to start writing me that would be awesome. maybe you could get Ryan O. to send me one? i haven't heard from him in forever!

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