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Monday, September 26, 2011

LA's Pretty Cool

Ahh, that is soo cool that the brother's went to a Boise state game! My companion says that he will hook you guys up with some Utes football tickets if you are up to it once he gets home after these two transfers.

Okay, to answer the questions first so I don't forget. - Yes we have a car, it is a 2009 corolla i think and it is tan. My comp does all the driving.  Yes traffic is crazy here. It's not very far to church. I don't know our address but we are near La Fayette and Third Street I think...  The buildings here are huge. Our church has a parking garage next to it. It's kinda cool. Oh and it is just west of USC, like one street over from the main campus. It's cool. All our meeting's are in Spanish and I speak a lot when we are with members. They feed us dinner most nights, sometimes we forget to get an appointment and have to make something. (Couldn't name what we cook, it's usually good, consists of ham and eggs and rice and there is always lots of it) We work out on the roof sometimes, our apt bld is 4 stories high and there's nobody up there ever. Our neighborhood is right between Korea town, Filipino town, and downtown if you want an idea, but we only ever see Latinos and tons of Koreans like crazy down here. It's just down here though, don't know why.

Okay, some cool stuff I saw this week. I saw the air force one helicopters flying into LA with like 3 Chinooks cause the president is in town or something. There was a huge bike race through down town on Sunday that was like the 4th stage or something of a huge California tour thingy. It was kinda cool but like everybody was late for church cause the freeway in downtown was the only way over and the road they used was closed for the race.

Anyways, if you haven't noticed we eat a lot as the two of us. Some of the things I didn't think I would run into while living alone is we never have enough food! It's like I buy a ton of food, like a dozen eggs, a bag of rice, lunch meat, big bags of tortilla chips, 2 loaves of bread and a 35 pack of water bottles and we are out of food in a week! And our area is so small that there is no chance of getting to the Costco, and Walmart is wayy out of our area too.. :/ I guess we will need to learn to invest in Top Ramen where we can find it cheap.

We still haven't found like any new investigators, but we are hard at work. We have one potential investigator, an elderly Spanish lady we met at a baptism.... She talks a lot so I am just so so..... so excited to teach her...  (She told us her life story for 2 hours on our first visit before we could really do anything.. )

I haven't gotten any mail for about 3 and a half weeks so I hope I get something this Thursday when they give it out.

Well, that's about all I have for today! Alrighty, I gotta go and try to find the people waiting to hear the gospel!

Love all of you and keep doing great!

Love, Elder Winterrose

PS I'm sending the pictures today on the back of the card. hope you like them!

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