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Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, this week has been pretty good. The best part about it was that last Thursday.  After my email we found a game we play now, and it's called hallway soccer. We pretty much just start at the water fountain and then try to get it past two other guys and get it in our doorway at the end of the hall. It's a stroke of luck that we have the perfect room for that, 'cause nobody else can really play with their rooms on the side. Oh, and the fact that we found a tennis ball too.

I'm pretty sure I have like a ton of stuff going home. Over the weeks I've collected like 20 bottles of shampoo and I'm selling them for 50 cents a piece and making quite a bit of money. we are also going to give away all the other food we have collaborated. But besides that I need to send home the sheets, some shorts, some t-shirts, and maybe a few other things. (I still don't have the fitted bottom sheet so if you can just send it straight to California.) I also don't have that sd card and you never told me if you put that stuff on the computer yet...

Besides that we had a rare opportunity this week on Friday to give our old teacher, Sister A., a priesthood blessing because she was having a really hard time teaching her new class. They made her cry by telling her dumb things like they don't think that she should be going away from the curriculum and that she isn't teaching what they need to know, ie: to love and care for your investigator and to teach the investigator and not the lessons. Then the four of us went into her class and taught them about what it takes to be a successful missionary and that you don't have to know everything and speak the language perfectly to feel and have the spirit testify. Then we all bore our testimonies on how much she helped us and how we have changed and I think that made a huge difference in their attitude.

Oh, which reminds me! Hermana D. left so it's just us four boys now. I love it! and besides that it's just smooth sailing till Wednesday.  I leave for the airport at like 5:30 and we will probably be at the airport at around 7 to 8 and I will call you then. Now remember that is about 6 in the morning on Wednesday.

I also haven't received any letters for about 4 weeks now from anybody but J so if you see any of my friends tell them to shoot me an email.

I'm sending a few more of my journal entries this week but they might be a little boring. I think that Mo and Dain will enjoy them though.

I think that I will love Cali and the Spanish people. Can't wait to get there. It feels like this is the longest week in existence.  My ankle has been getting really swollen and sore after each gym when I play soccer and it kinda does this popping thing when I move it (hard to explain). So that's the reason I'm going to the doctor. Nothing really to worry about.

(Later that afternoon)

Well, I'm glad the family's doing good, it's so weird thinking of  Mo driving around places it's crazy!

Mo, remember car's aren't go carts.
Dain, go play outside.
Mom, keep feeling good, it's good for you.
Dad, you make me crack up.
Buster, go on a frickin diet you fat pig. I love you and you better not die before I get back or I'm gonna kill you.

Nope! didn't get Britt's letter yet! I've only been waiting forever though so I thought he might have forgot. Thanks for sending the sim card. We don't get dearelder Monday or Tuesday and we fly out on Wednesday morning. I got the return address stamp. There is evidence all over our room. Dang roommates. Haha. They decided everything had to have our address on it. :)

Thanks for checking with Ryan. Oh and by the way I may email you once or twice this week if I need to get a hold of you for anything so just check each day if you can. (They're a little nicer when you're getting ready to go.) I'll just send home one of the top sheets then and take the other with me and pick one up there.

Brogan, send me some pics of that shed if it ever got done. Love ya bro. keep it easy. :)


Elder Channing Winterrose

PS The answer to last week's message is: And I hope that your classes are very marvelous and that you don't have too much homework my buddy. But you need to remember that if you want to have success, your habits in your studies are the greatest part.

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