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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well, we have officially started our 8th week it has almost been 2 months.  First things first, thank you to all who have been supporting me. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. I have had a roller coaster time here at the MTC.   I promise, I can't go a full day without having a point where I'm feeling like I'm gonna die, and a point where I'm on top of the world. It is almost enough to give me whiplash. We also never have the same teacher the same two days in a row. Brother U. and Sister A. were our original teachers, but then we lost four from our district to the Peru MTC.  Then Brother U. left on vacation for 2 weeks and we had like a billion subs, and some days subs for those subs, so we never knew who it would be. A week after he left, we adopted another district of 5 elders because their teacher moved to a new class for a week, but then they left. So we had Bro U. for like a week, then they took our teachers, and now were in a class with another district until we leave.  And we keep getting subs cause they don't really know who our teachers are!!! We've kinda been the ugly stepchildren that nobody wants... Besides that it has been THE best week because of one thing...... Elder Jeffery R. Holland.

That's right, we finally got one!!!!! It was so sweet. Ahhh, I will have to send you my notes in a letter so be expecting them. I was having a pretty crummy day because Hermana ("Sister " if you haven't translated that yet) _____ was just being a rude dude and being bossy and bugging the crap outta me.  Then when we were practicing our choir song I noticed that they were doing like a ton of different security checks and I knew it. WE WERE GETTING AN APOSTLE. And it came true. it was such an awesome experience. You just gotta wait for the notes.

Welp I gotta say, Mo, you did it! Confreakingradulations! That is AWESOME. And I hope you don't get suspended :)  By the way, for some reason people think I look like Mclovin when I wear my glasses, but then again I think we're getting desperate because we haven't seen real TV in almost 2 months. Mo, Mrs. ___ is el diablo , stay away from her!  Get anybody else. Mr. ____ is okay but just remember, he WILL be strict and you WILL get in trouble for no apparent reason at least once. Just comes with the class. And you just gotta be prepared to roll with the punches 'cause at times he's like a nerd on a power trip. 

Y yo esperanzo que tus classes son muy marvillosa y que tu no teneriste demasiado tarea mi amigo. Pero necessitas que recordar que si quieres que tener exito, tus habitos en sus estudios son el mas grande parte.

Well, have fun translating that one, the answers will be in next week's issue next to the comics section.

Dain all I can say is video juegos rot your brain. Remember, you need to be as chill as you can be to get all the ladies. Don't let video games change your attitude. Continue to be loving and don't let yourself develop a short fuse. Being here at the MTC, I have seen what happens when Elders played too much at home on the x-box and it is ugly. They are always getting mad about dumb things and they are very confrontational.

Remember, there are bikes in the garage and a hoop in the driveway! I love ya and I expect you to be Jimmer status when I get back!

Okay, I may not be a physics major but I am pretty sure there is nooo chance that Dad could make it up a coconut tree on this planet. Sorry Dad, the laws of physics cannot be broken! ;) I'm sure I will find one on my p-day and take the challenge.

I told you I got some good letter writing skills, that only took 20 years!

Yes we have met Elder Blackhan (going to Los Angeles). He just got here like a week ago. We were expecting him because he's from Orem and our teacher, Brother U. played basketball with him at church and heard he was coming here. Brother U  also knew Tyson (Elder) Cantrell because he has a class at BYU with him, and he said hi for me!

Welp I gotta go to breakfast. Remember, I never got that Micro SD card so I need to know if you got it on the computer and I will probably need a new one. Also I do have the phone card so no worries.

Britton, I love you.  Keep on keeping on. Do the Lord's work - he is on your side.

Mom, Dad, I love you both, and you did a great job with me, don't worry.

Gotta go.

Love ya,

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS We should get travel plans tonight, so I am super excited.  I just mailed off the notes I took on Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk and you should get them Monday. It was sooooo amazing.

Also, my favorite picture by far is the one you sent me.  I don't know how he does it, but Buster has like one eye that is super surprised and the other one looks like he is the most bored dog in the entire world. Hahaha, it was perfect. :)

Well, I love ya still.

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