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Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally In LA! :)

Oh man! I can't believe AJ got his mission call!!!! That is soo sweet! Tell him congrats for me!

Well here's a brief rundown of what it is like here, I sent this letter to Elder Casper today, so I'll just tag it in.  (Elder Casper was supposed to go into the field with Elder Winterrose last Wednesday, but an injury forced him to stay back in the MTC.)

Elder Winterrose, top row, second on the left.

Elder Filiaga - Elder Winterrose's trainer.  First row, first on the left.

DUUUUUDE!!!! It's soo Sick here! So many nice cars here I'm having like sensory overload. Today just driving to the temple I saw a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Maserati, and tons and tons of Mercedes, Range Rovers, and BMW's and like a billion nice Porsche's. It's sooo awesome. 
My comp is pretty much the coolest. He's Elder Filiaga, (Elder Garrett Sr's old comp.) And he's so chill. We saw Elder Gonzalez too and he is in my district. I'm in Downtown where it is super nice and super ghetto at the same time. Spanish is hard sometimes, but I'm getting the hang of it. 
Well, let us know what the verdict is man! Can't wait to see you here! Oh, PS - One baptism but I just went to it, I didn't really do anything... It was still pretty sick. and we also had stake conference with Elder Claudio Zivic of the 70 and it was cool to hear him talk in Spanish. 
So, yeah, its crazy here. Some other crazy things - I went to Target and got new bed sheets and there was this hot pink fuzzy blanket that was like $20 off so I had to get it and now my bed looks like a thirteen-year-old girl's. (It's actually pretty awesome.) We went to this place called Pinks and they have crazy hot dogs there.
Everybody wants to shake my hand at church. It's weird some times. Our church is like fenced in and it has a parking garage.

My apartment is nicer than most of the ones I have been to and it is still super super ghetto, ha ha. There are no speed limit signs downtown. At least if there are, they are impossible to spot. Evangelists sit on the corner and preach through megaphones. It's as funny as it sounds.

We went to this awesome place called the Graffiti Lab. It's a place where someone bought this giant piece of property and they charge people to tag it up and there are some really sick tags - like a 3 story picture of Michael Jackson - and other awesome ones.
When you can't find a parking spot, and you need to run into the apartment, you Ghetto park, or park next to the cars on the side of the road and put your hazard lights on. And hope nobody hits it, ha ha.

Anyways those were some of the things I learned. It's super crazy in this city and I am in the epicenter of this craziness. I think I will learn to love it here! Also my comp is super awesome and also is good at basketball and rugby I learned today.
well, I am truly blessed to be here and it is a great experience here and I love the members. I gotta peace out though so I will catch you all later!

Sorry if the message is short, I am kinda pushed for time. I will probably send pictures in next week's message when I have more because I have been too busy to really take any yet. Tell Britt I loved his letter and that I will write him back when I get the chance. J, hope all is going well in Idaho! I'll send you a letter soon too!

Love all of you back at home and off abroad!

Elder Channing Winterrose

Oh, and P.S. tell people to write me!

P.P.S. I got my bike from Ryan but I didn't get the helmet and one of the forearm pad's from the aero-bar is missing... and I don't know where to get one around here and I checked the box and all the packaging for it but it was nowhere to be found.  If you could call him and check to see if it is sitting around in his shop somewhere, that would be great!

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  1. Elder Winterrose,

    I'm glad you are growing to love it there! It takes time. We use to live on the corner of Wilshire and La Brea about 4 years ago. Use to go to the same church building too. Then we moved to West L.A. to the Westwood II ward (by the temple). You are in the ghetto with a little old money in parts. Mostly ghetto though. We are now down in San Diego. But I know lots of people up there on the West side so if you need anything let me know. Oh, and if you don't remember me I'm that girl who use to babysit you when you were 4 or something. Be safe.

    Deanna Weikum Olsen