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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Another good week!

Well it's the new year and that brings a few changes. we now have church at 9:00 and as always when church gets earlier people take a little bit to adjust. so we showed up on time Sunday and there was like half the people there, haha. Luckily our investigators showed up as the rest of the ward trickled in to fill the chapel.

This year also brings new meetings called fundamentals. For the next month or so we will be meeting every Tuesday and Friday and going over fundamentals based on helping us apply ourselves to the work more efficiently. Although I'm not a fan of extra meetings I'm excited to see the successes come out of them in the next couple of months.

Man that's crazy Britton is turning into quite the acrobat. I don't get much time to be crazy but on the occasion I will do a back-flip just to remind myself I'm fearless. :) I guess just living in LA isn't enough for me anymore.

It sounds like things for everyone are slowing down again as they get back into the daily grind. That's kinda like back here were really slowing down but we will pick up the pace again here soon once we get everything figured out for this next baptism. Hopefully we will get it all figured out before the 20th!

Anyways thank you all for the New Years wishes and for reading my letters! I appreciate the letters as well! Muchas gracias!

Con cariƱo,
Elder Winterrose

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