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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey there friends and family!

Well first i gotta apologize for not sending a letter last week it was kinda hectic and i will try to make up for it this week! we have a cool zone goal this month where we all play Moroni Kart. each of our companionships is together in a cart and throughout the week we do missionary tasks to get items to use in the game. Due to our baptism we get a star which means invincibility, double rolls and you knock back everybody you pass one space for 3 turns! We're gonna smash them this week. :)

So last week we had a crazy time getting everything ready for the baptism. We spent most of the time getting everything figured out for it which, if any of you are RMs, you may know what it is like making a program for a baptism when the people on it change every 12 hours or so, haha. We had a lot of editing to do so the final copy was done right before i had to teach elders quorum!

We had a weird experience this week, one of our investigators fell off of the map about 3 weeks ago after looking really sick at church and telling us he was ill. When he showed up to church he looked yellow like a lemon. the other elders and I realized those are the signs for liver failure and we weren't sure to tell him or not. Well, the zone leaders went by and checked up on him. we received bad news. By talking to his brother they found out he had passed away on the 27th of December and that is why we haven't heard from him in so long. we all kinda felt bad about it cause jokingly whenever our investigators disappear it's for unknown reasons and we might say something like they probably died, cause literally there is no way of contacting them - it's like they don't exist anymore. anyways, it was definitely one experience i didn't think would happen to me out here. At least we got him started in the gospel.

It has been kind of lonely getting no mail lately, haha. I realized that the only people i am writing have never met me in person and all the people i knew before my mission must be busy and on to other things by now. crazy how things happen while your gone.

It was a pleasant surprise to get the message from dad that he was down here at the visitor's center. Crazy how small the world is! :) I got the planner cover britt. it's pretty cool! It's a little big for my back pocket now so i'm still figuring out the best way to carry it lol.

Attached are some pictures from the baptism and our zone goal. hope you all enjoy them!

Love Elder Channing Winterrose

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