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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Familia y Amigos,

Well this week has been an exciting and eventful week. There have been a lot of big changes leading up to this transfer. On Tuesday of last week during fundamentals we all received a paper that told us there were going to be a lot of changes this transfer to prepare us all for the new wave of missionaries coming into the field. The changes are, next transfer is going to only be 5 weeks making my scheduled return date July 10th.The week before transfers on Wednesday, if you are going to be assigned to be a district leader or zone leader or training, you will receive a phone call. Thursday, the next day, you will go to a meeting for training. Monday the week of transfers is a regular work day and Monday night we get transfer calls, Tuesday is Pday on transfer week and Wednesday we will all meet up at a chapel and do transfers all at once. Then we all ship out and go to our new homes.

So how transfers worked out for me:
Wednesday night i got a phone call telling me i am going to be a District Leader. Thursday i went to training. Monday we got the phone calls and I will be staying in Hollywood and be district leader here in Elder Walker's Place. Elder Walker is going back to our old zone in south bay to be a zone leader so I'm gonna miss him a ton! He was a great District leader and probably my best friend out here in the mission. I'm excited to be staying in this area for 5 more weeks. If I'm lucky maybe i can just finish my mission here haha. :)

Well, that was all the news and excitement for this week. Besides that we have just been looking and looking for new people to teach as well as keeping up on all of our referrals. We had a confirmation scheduled for this Sunday but the investigator was running late so we will be doing it this next week for sure.

The weather has been warming up a little bit more this week (not that it has even gotten cold yet) so we have been doing slack lining at the park in Hollywood and last week was the first time. I picked it up pretty well! I made it almost all the way across, but when you get like 10 feet into it you're in like the middle of the line and it is a lot more squirrelly, so i always fall off there. I am determined to make it all the way across this time tho so I will send you pictures. :)

This will be another good transfer with Elder Palomino so look forward to buenas noticias.

Love you all!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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