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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey there family!

Well this week has been good. We had transfers this week and now we have 3 new missionaries in the ward. Elder Penrod is back in my district again. I haven't been around him since we started in downtown so it is cool to have him as my zone leader here.

My district is full of great missionaries and i am ready to have a bunch of success in this ward in the upcoming months. Although at times i feel like i have no idea what I'm doing, I figure it will get easier as time goes on.

Yesterday we had the confirmation of our investigator. last night we went to the visitor's center to share the art exhibit with her and her boyfriend. she also told us some great news which is that she is preparing to go on a mission! that is so amazing to hear. :) That is how you know you have someone who is truly converted to the gospel.

Last Tuesday we went slack lining again and i actually managed to make it all the way across the thing! It was dang hard but i put my mind to it and figured it out. :)

This week for our zone activity we are going up to the Hollywood sign, I thought it was cool like the first time but i think it is a little overrated now haha.  But if i enjoyed it my first time, my district will love it cause they're almost all new here. Oh yeah! I almost forgot, my companion is still Elder Palomino and we have 8 missionaries in my district, 2 districts in the zone and 9 zones in the mission.

I feel like president baker is a little different than other mission presidents i have met before cause he usually seems really busy. I haven't really had much of a chance to talk to him besides interviews and the occasional hello at zone conference so i don't really know how i would describe him.

As for  my Spanish, I speak it every day, on a rare occasion i only have the chance over the phone but that is only if we have a really really slow day with nobody to teach or visit. I don't really study it much anymore because it is hard to find things to improve on. usually i just read church books in Spanish and it works out. Is Dain taking any Spanish courses this year??

Anyways, not much has changed and not much is happening so i don't know what else to update on. :/

Same mission different week! :)

I love you all a ton! keep outta trouble,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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