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Monday, February 11, 2013

I have decided to take my talents to the city of Laie, Hawaii.


I have been dying to know for weeks now and one of the members here saw what Britt posted on my facebook and contacted me to congratulate me! I was so dang excited. I have literally been dreaming of beaches and waves since i got the news. I think sean kerr is going up there too so it will be a blast! I have actually been praying for the opportunity to go to byu because it will be the best chance to be with people with the same standards as me - but who love to have fun. I think it is God's perfect playground :) oh yeah, on a side note, what is my ring size?? ;) just kidding mom, i wont need that for a while!

That is sweet mo can get into usu! Go for it bro!

Pootie boy, when i get home i will buy a slack line and teach you how to do it. .....we might have to plant some palm trees though hahaha. :) It is just like a truck strap thing that you strap around 2 trees, ratchet tight and walk across. i have only tried it twice and i got pretty good at it. I must have really good balance though cause i was the only one.

This week has been a little hard on me without any allergy meds. I think it really made me realize how dependent i am on them. :P So I told my recent convert about getting accepted to BYUH and she almost cried cause she was so happy for me! It is nice to know they really care about us. :) Her daughter applied as well but she had to retake the ACT so we will have to wait and see if she will go! i really hope she does so i can hang out with my recent convert! :)

This week we are working really hard to work with members as it is the focus of our zone goal. Today we have an activity where we are going to do a bunch of minute to win it games and make it a race. It should be a hit with the elders.  I am enjoying being a district leader... some days, and others it is not what i thought it would be but so far it hasn't been anything i cant tackle.

I love you all so very much and Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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