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Monday, March 18, 2013

hey there family and friends!

It always makes me so happy to hear the news from home. i know a lot of the times my letters don't have all the responses to your questions or comments but i still read and enjoy them. :)

this week has been a crazy one. we have been trying hard to get the work in our area going but due to some things happening in the mission we had to go up to the mission home a bunch, so we haven't had much of a chance to work. I should be going up again today for the last time, president just wants to ask me some questions. soo, because of all that we have been kinda stressed out and decided today we needed a little break. We went on a field trip to the California science center! it was tons of fun and really did feel like a field trip some times cause there were so many groups there to tag along with haha. We got to see lots of stuff including a sea life exhibit and the space shuttle endeavor. it was awesome! i made sure to take lots and lots of pictures because i almost always forget. it was really close too. just right across the road like less than a block away! admission was free but to go see the endeavor cost 2 bucks. totally worth it tho.

Anyways, we are still having a cramped house while they are figuring out what to do with the other elders so it has been tough. It has been a real challenge for the past weeks so please keep praying for me. It is a lot of stress opening a new area as well as being a district leader. These past couple days must be my refiners fire just before the final stretch. i just hope it gets easier or i get better at it soon.

My ward seems very nice, we don't have many members in our area, making it a lot of less active work and tracting.

Well, i gotta run cause i don't have much time left but i love you all and hope you have a great week.

Love, Elder Channing Winterrose

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  1. lots of photos... humm don'tsee any? :) Always in our prayers!