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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

well, i dont really feel like emailing this week but here it goes.

hey family,

well this week has not been much better then the last one. i am trying to turn over a new leaf in my mission. that on top of coming into an area where we don't know anyone, have two missionaries move into our apartment and make the living conditions less bearable and having to worry about if we are going to eat from day to day. im just going to say it, I have not been having fun. I really feel like shiz..... at the end of the book of ether. As though everybody is out to get me.

Anyways, my companion and i have nonetheless been working hard with the one family we have here that lets us come over and we now have two awesome investigators who are the nicest and most attentive of all my investigators yet. They already said they want to get baptized and we are just starting to work with another of their family members, so it is going great. I guess you could consider that the silver lining.

We went to the natural history museum yesterday and got to see all the giant dinosaur skeletons and other stuff so it was nice. I have been trying to find all the stuff we can do on pdays for free so i can let off a little stress by walking around and exploring. I will send some photos.

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  1. I'm sending him a package Monday morning! Hope that will help cheer him up!!!