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Monday, January 23, 2012

hahaha, i love getting all of the updates from home. i miss the snow sooooooo much.

I got the big news, we had transfers this week! and i am now in the bell gardens ward! on bike! with elder shumway. he's from Utah and he is super funny and awesome. we have had tons of fun already. when i got to the apartment i got a neat surprise. i found myself a new bike!  well, it was far from new but it was new to me. :) it just needed a little TLC and i got it all looking good. it makes me feel cool haha. i put new pedals on it, handle bar tape. breaks, tire and tube in it. it rides like a dream. :) i could really use like a co2 air pump and maybe a bike pump like the orange one we have at home because it sucks not having one that works... we gotta walk to the gas station. :/ i love being on  bike tho. our area is really low key too so it is calm and has like 0 traffic in comparison to downtown area.

I really really miss my old area but so far i have felt super welcomed and everybody is sooo nice. just the other day we went to a family's house and they had puppies and let us play with them. it was super fun. it made me miss my dumb pug from home. so  last week we had our stake conference and we got to see all of the people from my old ward but i hadn't even been gone for a week so nobody really missed me yet haha. the meeting was really cool though i liked the talks a lot for the parts i could understand. it was nice.

we have some really good investigators too. it is nice. i cant wait to find more and teach a lot. we went to a couple of member's houses and i found myself useful. i got a chance to fix a heater and a light and some other stuff. it is nice
to find ways to use my talents. :)

well, this was a kinda slow week for me so far because we haven't really met a lot of people or anything. the highlight was definitely the move and finding the bike.

I love all of you so much, i love getting the letters and i have some catching up to do. haha, im sorry about that everyone. writing letters is not my forte. haha. but i hope to get back to all of them soon.

take care everybody!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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