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Monday, January 30, 2012

hey fam bam! what's crackin??

i miss y'all and love hearing all the good stuff from the home front. i am really exhausted from the week of being sick but i am starting to feel better so sorry if i bore anybody ha ha.

well, my i told my comp about how i hit my 6th month a while ago and he said we had to burn a tie and i said why not ha ha. our neighborhood is pretty ghetto so we did it really quick and it was fun. i felt at home watching stuff burn ha ha. i am such a pyro at heart. i was pretty sure we would attract the cops but it was all good. i miss all of you. i can find lots of love amongst the families here! 

we have been working to get one family baptized too and it has been pretty cool. the only thing is that they aren't married. bummmmmer. but were working on it!! God speed. so , that has been good. just hope we can have a baptism soon. we have some pretty good investigators too. its way tight. i really want more people to teach though because it is always good to start fresh. i think my favorite members here so far are C.C, an rm of 3 months, and he's still single ladies. he is way cool and will help us out with anything we need, a real super blessing on a mission. :)  And a recent convert, whose family is super nice and they just live down the street. it's nice when our legs are dying and we want somewhere to walk to. she just got baptized but she is going strong and is a great member. 

oh boy! i almost forgot! Tyler B., you gotta read this part. I'm pretty sure you're famous. first i met your old roommate at the mtc and now i met your other buddy! Elder Shannon, my District leader is from kennewick too! he said he worked at DQ with you and says to send his hello your way. he is way tight and we both agree you gotta get your butt out the door on your mission cause the blessings that are sitting there waiting for you are not something you can live without. :) they are just too awesome. do whatever you have to to go. and we both love you!

as for all of you others thinking of going on a mission. a lot of you know it took me a while to get out the door and make my way down to LA, but it has been the greatest decision in my life. do what it takes because it will bless your future, your family, and yourself more than you can imagine. 

well, that's all i got for today folks.:)

les quiero muchisimo!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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