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Monday, January 16, 2012

howdy friends and family!

man, i think this city life is getting to me haha. the longer i spend here the more i want to just live in the country my whole life and be a cowboy. i think it is just funny cause back at home i always thought i would be a better city boy haha. i must just be really finding myself or something. anyways. i would have to say i think at times it can be way more boring here than back at home because i find my fun in the wild. i think i miss it a lot because I'm gonna have one more year and a half before i can go play in the snow, go fishing, or go shotgun shooting.  it's really funny when i tell people i used to do all that stuff they look at me like I'm crazy for having a gun safe in my bedroom. hahaha. definitely a different culture around here.

well, this week was kinda entertaining. we got some new senior missionaries moving into the apartment complex with the senior missionaries from Idaho. they are fresh out of Georgia and they got here on Saturday night. so we live only about 2 blocks from the apartment complex and we offered to move all the furniture into the apartment. we moved it all with just the 2 of us and it was all in boxes and needed to be set up. soo, i made the offer that we could set it up for them and that was really fun. we started at like 6 on Friday night and put together furniture for about 3 hours and i gotta say that apartment was a mess when we were done with it haha. so the next morning we came back and cleaned it up really really good. (like it was impeccable). and they were soooo happy :) so that was a lot of fun receiving all of the complements and the smiles. it was totally worth it. 

so, this week it has kinda been like saying goodbyes just in case and it is really hard. i am thinking it is really possible i might leave and I think i am really attached to this place. so, i am hoping i stay but i know that i can love anybody like i love this ward and that God will put me where he needs me. :) i really liked what you said mom about everybody loving channing haha. i just think a lot of that is just from what i try my best and put out. As long as you are real in your relationships and you always give people the benefit of the doubt and love them no matter what, even if they try to not like you it just wont work. you put everyone in a positon where the only thing they can do is like you. :) because they will have no reason not to! :)

in fact the other day i proved this theory right. to be honest there was a person who really offended me with some things they said and i decided i would just let it go. so what i did was rather than just avoiding this person i just started to be really nice to them and not let them get a reaction they were looking for. (mom, i think you taught me this with the brothers) and the next couple times we were with this person they really tried to not say anything that could be offensive. i think it is kinda like just being an example for your friends dain and mo, if you don't swear or do other bad things around them they will eventually catch on and stop doing it around you.   if we respect God then people will respect us.

aright well, i gotta go. I'm so super glad to be receiving all the support from family and friends and i pray for you all every day.

I know this is the opportunity of a lifetime that even though i am putting aside my family for 2 years i can bring families together for eternity.

daino. be diligent in your commitment with wrestling. you can honestly be the best on the team, state, nation and world if you put your mind to it. it's in your blood dude.  but you just gotta learn to stay committed. i love you and i better see you wrestling when i get home!

Morgan, like britton said, and mom says all the time, girls are poison. :)

I love you mom and dad.

Elder winterrose

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